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Tesla Electric Car Giant To Enter The Lithium Battery Industry

Topex Battery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 03, 2014

In 2013, the Tesla electric car giant sales rise higher and higher, into 2014, tesilaruo tries to expand its existing Model s electric car sales, and production later in the year a second SUV electric car Model x, battery packs Tesla shortage has become a major bottleneck. Musca has pledged to use lithium batteries for Tesla Motors to build the so-called "Super factory (gigafactory)".

Tesla electric car (the Tesla Motors) released its quarterly profits more than expected, and forecasts sales this year will be 55% over the last year, its shares was 飆 or 15%. Musca, Chief Executive, said it would use the 飆 rise of share prices to build large lithium-ion battery plant.

However, a year after a successful run on a small niche market, you want to become a global auto industry in the future, Tesla's Chief Executive, Musca (Elon Musk) there is a hard way to go.

Tesla is planning to expand its customer base in Europe and Asia, expects global sales of 35,000 vehicles this year. The company said its quarterly profit will amount to $ 45.9 million; non-cash compensation and other costs into account manager, showed a net loss of $ 16.2 million in the fourth quarter. Revenue increase of 26%, compared to $ 306 million in the same period increased to $ 615 million. Musca, Chief Executive, said he is planning to use 飆 rise of the company's share price as a giant battery factory to raise cash.

Compared to other traditional automakers, Tesla is still small-scale traders, only "Model s" electric car, starting at $ 69,000, but because car reviewers praise and high levels of customer loyalty, and has rapidly grown over the past year.